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Why hire a real estate shopper?

Buying a property, whether it is your home or your holiday oasis, is complicated, what are we going to fool ourselves!

You are faced with: scattered information on real estate portals, agencies and advertisements, lack of knowledge about the price you should pay for a property and an amalgam of European, regional and national laws (habitatge, Consumer Affairs, Money Laundering, energy efficiency, taxation, urban planning, law of Horizontal Division…).

And on top of that, you don’t have time.
Surely you feel identified with some of these situations, but, most of the time, when you leave your demand to an agent, nobody looks after your interests 24 hours a day… normal… you have not committed yourself to anyone! And without commitment it is difficult to make a profit!

The Americans, who are almost always the first, especially in real estate matters, have had the figure of the buyer’s agent and their own qualification, ABR, in place for years. Here we have given it a twist and created the figure of the Personal Shopper Real Estate, that person who guides you in your buying process: he helps you to focus your search to know which financial set-up is ideal for you, he is your sleuth: he walks the streets for you, searches the internet jungle and contacts other professionals, in order to search through all the existing offer. He helps you to negotiate, to analyse all the legal questions and to make sure your buying adventure comes to a successful conclusion.

At Up Barcelona, we also have professional Personal Shoppers who help you save time and money, and are at your disposal as real estate advisors, this service has now also reached the man in the street! Now you can buy like a professional investor!


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