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Houses with “charm

“A house is much more than four walls and a roof. It is the fundamental stage of our life”.
Eduard Solé, Monapart

Charm” in general and also applied to homes is a complex and somewhat perverse concept. Where does this attribute come from? Does the home have charm or is it just a question of the perception of the beholder?

We would probably find a certain consensus that the materials, the composition of lines and the layout are the tangible activators of charm. However, charm is also related to things as ethereal, uncontrollable and unpredictable as the way the light penetrates the rooms, the framing that the windows offer us of the outside world or even the erosion of the floors after years of use.

We Barcelonans are peculiar citizens. We like the city, but within the city, we love those areas that look like a village. And the truth is that they used to be villages. These villages are now historic centres, sometimes converted into pedestrian streets that make up Barcelona’s most endearing commercial and social arteries.

This high degree of consolidation of uses and activities has turned Sarrià and Sant Gervasi into two of Barcelona’s most desirable historic centres. Let us hope they never lose this essence.


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