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The problems of setting the price too high

When putting a property up for sale, many homeowners think that there is always time to lower the price. But at a time like the present it is necessary to set the right value from the outset. If these considerations are not taken into account, it is worth knowing some of the problems that can arise:

Failure to arouse interest

Buyers are very well informed about the current state of the property market. If the property for sale is too expensive, we are probably ruling out potential buyers, who would otherwise be interested in the property and may make offers to negotiate.

Missed opportunities

This means missed opportunities to find potential buyers, who will rule you out if you are priced higher than they want.


The longer a property is on the market, the less confidence it generates among buyers, as potential defects or shortcomings are assumed.

More difficult negotiations

When the property has been on the market for a long time, buyers who are interested in the property try to negotiate harder, given the offer of similar properties at lower prices.

Not being competitive

A price that is too high can leave us in second place to the competition and make properties with similar characteristics look like bargains.

Therefore, we advise you to adjust the price from the beginning in line with similar properties.



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