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I have a flat to rent: where do I start?

If you have a flat, or any other property, to rent it is likely that, many times, you will doubt how to do it, what is the regulation to be applied and what documents must be presented, what expenses it will entail or what effect will the income you receive have on your income taxation.

The new amendments to the Law, approved in June 2013, add even more doubts to all those who wish to make a return on their assets.

The questions that are likely to arise often concern the duration of the contract and its extensions, what happens if you need the rented flat for your staff, or if you want to sell it.

You may also ask if there are any measures to guarantee the payment of the rent, other than the security deposit, and what should be done with the security deposit received from the tenants and what is its purpose.

Regarding taxation, how will this added income affect your tax return or what happens if the tenant does not pay the transfer tax as he is obliged to?

And once the contract is completed, what happens with repairs, works, who is obliged to take care of them?

Knowing all these terms, and many others, can save you a lot of headaches, but who has the time to study them all in detail?

At Up Barcelona, also experts in leases, we can lend you a hand throughout the whole process, from the moment you decide to rent your property until the contract is terminated.

If you don’t want to worry about everything that is burdensome and just enjoy the performance of your property, don’t hesitate to trust in professionals who look after you and with the commitment of a job well done.


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